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Services and benefits

iHeel tech

We work closely with any footwear company or brand that wants to innovate its products to implement iHeel technology within one or more footwear lines. 

The iHeel technology brings with it a real paradigm shift , a set of advantages and opportunities for all realities that use it and can be an innovative opportunity for to stand out in the market, meet customer needs and improve production efficiency.

Market Differentiation

Adoption of iHeel can make a company's products unique in the industry, offering a distinctive feature that attracts customers' attention.


iHeel can be a focal point in marketing materials, drawing consumers' attention and generating greater interest in the company's products.

Reducing the Risk of Product Exhaustion

The ability to adjust the heel height can reduce the risk of product exhaustion, as one design can adapt to different occasions.

Wide Product Ranges:

iHeel enables companies to offer a wide range of heel height options within a single product line, satisfying diverse consumer preferences.

Production Cost Savings:

A single iHeel shoe can replace the need to produce several versions of shoes with different heel heights, helping to reduce production costs.


The extended lifespan of iHeel shoes can contribute to sustainability by reducing the overall number of shoes that are discarded or replaced.

Access to New Market Segments:

The iHeel shoe offering can open up new market opportunities, including consumers who prefer comfort or different heel styles.

Unified Style and Comfort

iHeel offers a balance between style and comfort, allowing companies to create products that meet both consumer needs.

Premium Positioning

iHeel can be used to create premium products at an additional cost, increasing profit margins.

Adaptability to Fashion Trends

iHeel's versatility allows designers to quickly adapt heel aesthetics to consumer tastes.

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