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iHeel is a technology to make adaptable footwear for everyday life. We started from Rome in 2020 but with we are based in Milan. We develop customized iHeel technology for each brand in the industry and adapt the lasts through our patented process. The iHeel technology can be customized for lasts and heights, can be applied to any shoe model (closed, open..) and can be implemented by any company in the footwear industry. Our goal is to solve a very important problem that no one talks about and to meet the needs of new consumers.

Today the life cycle of products is getting shorter and the aesthetic style is extremely repetitive. There have been few structural innovations in the footwear industry since 1900, and this results in a gap in the market because consumer needs have evolved and there are no adequate products to solve this need.
Today people no longer want to sacrifice themselves to be beautiful, but they want comfort and practicality in their daily lives. A heeled shoe that adapts to different times of the day is what they are waiting for.


Long term Vision & product innovation

" Imagine if you still had to use carry-on suitcases exclusively to take a trip. Would that weigh you down? 
How would you feel if one fine day your heavy bag had wheels and you no longer had to find yourself lifting that hideous weight?


Behold, this is precisely the situation in which those who wear heels today find themselves. And it is precisely this same emotion, of awe, relief and happiness, that emerges in the eyes of those who have tried iHeel. This is the meaning of the work we have done over 3 years by investing exclusively in research and development with the aim of bringing a unique, smart and intuitive technology to the market.

We want iHeel to become a viable purchase choice for consumers and an excellent but most importantly new opportunity for brands that will implement it."

Veronica Crisafulli.


Veronica Crisafulli Founder & Ceo iHeel technology

iHeel is among top 3 footwear startups selected at Riva Expo 2023.



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