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women's shoes with telescopic convertible heel iheel joyx

Dorothy Black


Dorothy is an ideal sandal for both work and leisure occasions. It offers a totally futuristic design and a revolutionary experience.


The heel has a slight curvature to ensure comfort as height changes, and our technology is designed to be used intuitively, quickly and conveniently and is 100% Made in Italy.


We would like to emphasize that the products shown are prototypes and that the industrial version will have improvements.


Take advantage of this revolutionary technology at our special launch price, which is limited for the first 100 pairs.


You will receive an email with the delivery date of your magical pair as soon as production starts. All details about the shipment will be communicated via mail✨

colors: black
heel with adjustable telescopic heel joyx iheel

5,5 cm

8 cm

technical info


The iHeel technology in the heel allows to press the invisible button and raise or lower the heel in less than a second in total freedom and convenience.

Heel technology: iHeel

Heel mode: 85 mm / 3.3 inch

Flat mode: 55mm / 2.1 inch

Maximum heel hold up to over 900kg / 1984 lb

Standard Fit

100% Italian leather

100% Made in Italy technology

As the height changes, the arch area automatically adapts and provides you with comfort throughout the day. This is possible thanks to the research work we have been doing for 3 years, analyzing every single movement of the foot during walking.

Simply click and move your heel up or down and it moves easily into the position you want.

"When I lowered the heel, I felt lightened as if I were on a light cloud. I will never do without them again!"


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